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The rules for using this Platform apply to anyone who uses the following web site. Please read these rules carefully before using the Platform. By using the Platform, you agree to comply with these rules. If you do not agree to these rules, please do not use this online Platform.

1. The online platform (hereinafter referred to as 'the platform'), publicly available at www.createskills.herokuapp.com, is owned and controlled by the CREATEskills Project Consortium. This project is partly financed by the European Commission's ERASMUS + Grant Agreement Nr. 2017-1-PT01-KA201-035981.
2. All visitors to this Platform, including visitors who have not completed the registration procedure, (hereinafter referred to as 'Users') must comply with these Platform Terms of Use (the 'Rules'). By using this Web site, Users confirm that they unconditionally agree to and accept the following Rules.
3. The term 'use of the Platform' used in these Rules is understood as the execution of all and any actions when the User connects to the Platform via electronic communications networks.
4. The term 'Services' used in these Rules is understood as the performance of any and all User actions that it can perform on the Platform, including browsing (Viewing, reading, etc.) after the Portal, participating in the discussion forum, submitting questions, registering, commenting writing and doing other actions on the platform.
5. The use of the Platform and the Services is free of charge. If the provided service is paid, the users are separately informed on the platform.
6. Upon agreement between the User and the Company on the receipt of all or part of the Services, these Rules apply to the extent that they do not contradict the said agreement or the agreement does not regulate specific relations.
7. Questions that are not discussed in these Rules are governed by other rules, contracts or other documents provided by the Platform (the 'Documents').

1. Use of the Platform is possible only after the registration procedure. The registration procedure is performed by clicking on the 'Sign Up' active link on the platform, then filling in the required information that will be shared on the platform for scientific (non-commercial) purposes: name, country, professional degree and others. Registration is confirmed by clicking on the link 'Create User' and confirming that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. User confirms that:
a) he/she have carefully read these Terms, understood them and agree with them freely and undertake to use the Platform in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Rules;
b) the data provided is accurate and complete. The user must only provide correct data when changing or filling in the details of himself. The project consortium will perform its duties and its rights on the basis of a presumption that the data presented by the User is complete and correct. Any losses incurred due to incorrect submission of data shall be borne by the User;
c) immediately change the profile information, as soon as the data or other relevant information changes during registration;
d) is an active natural person (or has obtained the consent of parents or guardians) and is not intoxicated with alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances during registration;
e) agrees that the Project Consortium will handle any personal data and / or other information provided by it and use it for the purpose of performing these Rules.
2. For user is strictly forbidden to identify the identity of other persons, name, surname and / or other data. For such User, the Project consortium has the right, without delay and without notice, to prohibit the use of the Platform. In the event of reasonable suspicion that such action by the User has caused or could have caused damage to the Platform or to the project and (or) third parts and / or to the public interest, the Project Consortium is entitled to transfer all available data about such User to the competent state authorities.
3. The User is unconditionally committed to ensuring the confidentiality of the data provided, must make the maximum effort to protect the password for accessing the User Account from third part communication and not direct (indirect) ways to disclose it to third parts and to ensure that no third parts can access its data using Web site (and) For the Services provided by the Company and / or for other purposes.
4. The User shall be liable for any actions of third parts, if they were made using the User's data, and all obligations and responsibilities arising or related to such actions of third parts shall be fully respected by the User.
5. The Project consortium complies with the requirements of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other legal acts when processing personal data.


1. The Project consortium keeps the right at any time, without notifying the User, to modify the Services provided by the Company on the Platform or their separate terms, as well as any information, including that provided by the User. The User understands and agrees that the Company will never be held liable for any such adverse consequences caused to the User by such and other similar actions, and refuses to make any claim to the Company for the performance of such actions.
2. In order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of persons and / or in compliance with legal acts, and / or in violation of the provisions of these Rules by the User, the Company has the right, without prior notice or with the consent of the User, to cancel the User registration on the Platform. 3. The Project consortium has the right to suspend or completely terminate the Platform's activity at any time without notice.
4. When using the Platform, the User must:
a) strictly observe the procedure and requirements established by these Rules;
b) not to violate the rights and legitimate interests of the Project consortium and third parts;
c) not to provide false and / or misleading information about yourself or other inaccurate information;
d) only use secure electronic communications and data communication equipment and devices;
e) do not distribute computer viruses and / or take other measures that could disrupt the operation of the Platform, damage or destroy information and cause any other damage to the Platform
f) respect the established and publicly recognized standards of conduct and morals, third parts rights and legitimate interests and legal acts;
g) immediately inform the Project consortium if it becomes aware that its access to the User Account data is used or can be accessed by third parts.
h) to respect EU GDPR which claims that it is forbidden to publish children’s photography without their parents/guardian’s permission. Otherwise the photography must be presented in such a way to make it impossible to identify the person.
5. The User acknowledges and agrees that himself and not the Project consortium is responsible for all and any information, data, symbols, text, software, music, sounds, photographs, pictures, graphics, video clips, conversations, messages, electronic letters, documents or any other material that is sent or by any other means via the Platform ('the Content').
6. The use of the Platform is prohibited for the User:
a) to use the Platform in a way that may cause danger to the proper functioning of the Platform, their security, integrity or the limitation of the ability of others to use the Platform;
b) to store, publish, distribute or otherwise transmit any abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, discriminatory or objectionable Content, as well as any other Content that might violate the law requirements are considered to be in violation of the norms established in the legislation or encourage behavior that is contrary to the requirements of the legislation or causes any legal liability to the Company;
c) by any means, distribute links to any Content that may be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, or in violation of legal requirements;
d) registering on the Platform to select and / or use the User Name and / or the part of the email address that may be considered as impersonal, pornographic, offensive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or in violation of legal requirements;
e) interfere with the normal communication between the other Users who use the Services, any other actions adversely affecting other Users and their well-being, and prevent them from exchanging content.
7. In addition, the User undertakes not to use the Platform:
a) any action that might harm any person, property or legitimate interests of any person;
b) by law prohibiting, abusive, deceptive, threatening, disseminating information that violates individuals' rights or other similar content; c) in violation of the rights of individuals with regard to intellectual property, including property rights, patents, commercial or industrial secrets or trademark rights;
d) advertising of any goods and / or services, as well as any unwanted e-mail, messages, messages, or distributing any other Content.
8. The Project Consortium does not control the content of other Users or third parts that the User may access, read or otherwise understand using the Platform, therefore the Project consortium cannot ensure such Content accuracy, integrity and / or quality.
9. The User understands and agrees that the use of the Platform cannot be protected from offensive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable User Content.
10. The user may be given the right to comment and other ways to communicate with other Users, as well as to express their opinion on the Content provided on the Platform and the Services available. The User hereby unconditionally confirms and warrants that any comments submitted by him or any other information, data or other Content will meet the following requirements: a) will be fair, accurate and not deceptive or otherwise misleading;
b) will not violate the rights of the Project Consortium or third parts, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, commercial secrecy, inviolability of the privacy of a person, etc.;
c) do not violate the requirements of laws or regulations;
d) will not create any legal obligations for the Project Consortium,
e) will be hosted for scientific purposes, but not for commercial purposes.
11. The User itself, and not the Project Consortium, is responsible for the entire and any Content that the User is sending, viewing, storing, or distributing through the use of the Platform.
12. The Project Consortium keeps the right to discard and modify any User's Comments without notice to it at its sole discretion.
13. Failure of the User to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions Project Consortium shall have the right at any time to wholly or partially restrict the User's ability to use the Platform by the Project Consortium in any manner and to refund losses.

1. All rights to the Platform and the works contained therein are protected by the laws and regulations of the European Union. It is strictly forbidden to copy texts, photographs, logos, banners and any other design elements for use with commercial or other objects of the Project Consortium or third parts infringing legitimate interests.
2. All trademarks placed on the Platform are the property of the Project Consortium or consortium they use legally on the basis of contracts concluded with their owners.

1. This Platform may contain links to other sites that will allow the User to exit this Platform for the purpose of obtaining third-part information, or third-part information may be provided on this Platform ('Related Sites').
2. The platform consortium may not modify, update or control the content of the related sites; therefore, it accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the contained content.
3. The User must note that Content-Based Policies, Privacy Policy, Confidentiality Provisions, Processing of Personal Data, and Other Rules may apply to related sites.

1. The Project Consortium shall send all information notices, requests, requests and other information to the User at the time of registration at the email address indicated by him or in any other manner in which the User can be reached, taking into account the Services used by him. All information sent to the User shall be deemed received by the User on the day after its dispatch.
2. The Project Consortium is not responsible for any and all communications, e-mail services, networks or other issues that the User does not receive any informational or confirmatory emails from the Project Consortium. The Parts agree that the presence of a copy of the e-mail or other notice for the User on the Platform Server (in the database or other relevant device) is a valid proof of dispatch of any information to the User.
3. All messages, requests and questions User can send to addresses that are specified in the 'Contact' section of the Platform.

The Project Consortium uses cookies on the Platform to distinguish the Users from other Platform users. Yes, the Company can provide a more enjoyable experience for Users browsing the Platform, as well as improving the Platform itself. More information about the cookie you are using and the purposes for which you are using it can be found here in the privacy policy.

1. The Project Consortium does not commit to ensure the continuity of the operation of this Platform, as factors affecting its operation, which are beyond the control of the Project Consortium, may also be affected. The Project Consortium undertakes to make every reasonable effort to ensure the smoothest operation of the Platform, but in no case shall it be liable for the consequences of such a malfunction.
2. The Project Consortium Services are provided without any consortium approvals or assurances that the Platform will be provided there in a proper and timely manner, without disturbance, in quality, in full or that it will not cause any negative consequences for the User or third parts.
3. The Project Consortium is not liable for any damage and / or losses that the User may incur through the use of the Platform and / or the Services and by charging, sending, transmitting, or otherwise making available to the public any Content of any other means.
4. The Project Consortium will not be liable for any User or other third parties accessing the Content to the User using the Platform and / or the Services, including but not limited to any errors or inconsistencies in such Content, loss or damage caused by the respective Content or the publication of such Content, receiving, sending or otherwise transmitting through the Services. 5. The User undertakes to ensure that the Project Consortium will never be liable for any liability, obligation to pay, indemnify or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage or other expenses incurred due to the User having used the Platform and / or the Services.

1. The European Union law applies to the implementation and interpretation of the rules.
2. The Project Consortium has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under these Rules to a third parts or individuals. In case of such transfer, the Project Consortium will inform the Users by providing information on the transfer on the Platform.
3. The Project Consortium is entitled to unilaterally modify and (or) supplement these Rules. The amendments and / or additions to the Rules come into force upon their announcement on the platform moment. If the User continues to use the Platform after making amendments to the Rules and / or Additions, the User shall be deemed to have unambiguously accepted all amendments and / or supplements to the Rules. If the User does not agree with the amended and / or supplementary Terms, he loses the right to use the Platform.
4. These Rules shall prevail over all the Explanations and Descriptions provided to the User on the Platform, all disputes will be resolved in accordance with these Rules.
5. If any provision of the Rules becomes or is invalidated, the remaining provisions of the Rules shall remain in force.
6. All disputes relating to these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. Failing to reach agreement, they are dealt with in accordance with the law of the European Union.